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Culinary delight

The art of cooking is the most flavorful art of all. Our chefs prepare all the meals with utmost love and care. They put all their expertise into, to be able to satisfy the taste buds of our customers. Our chefs invite you exclusively to try out the most traditional and scrumptious food in town.


The pride of Subcontinent, served in the traditional style, bursting with flavours.


Preparing the premium dishes with top quality meat and traditional flavours


Trademark dishes from the headquarters of China, given the taste of the Subcontinent.


Our tradition, our culture, our flavour makes our BBQ meals, worth a shot.

Discover Our Story

In the food industry, known for preparing the traditional of dishes, we have a credible name in the market. At Karimi’s we work all day long to prepare the most delicious, hygienic and HALAL meals for our valuable customers. Our traditional cuisines have helped us make our mark in the industry and we are known for getting our spices spot on in each of our meals. We welcome you to this world that we have created with full of traditional flavors.

From Our Menu

  • $8.99

    Samosa Chaat

    Mouthwatering combination of smashed vegetable samosas, yogurt, onions and cilantro with sweet tamarind chutney

  • $14.99

    Goat Biryani must try

    Traditional Hyderabadi dish made with seasoned long-grain rice layered with mutton cooked in special gravy

  • $12.99

    Beef Haleem

    Lentils and shredded beef slow cooked and garnished with lemon ginger and fried onion

  • $11.99

    HAKKA NOODLES Exquisite taste

    (Veg, Chicken, Shrimp)

  • $11.99

    Chicken Malai Boti

    Boneless pieces of Chicken Thigh marinated overnight in a blend of spices and served with cream on top

  • $11.99


    Boneless Chicken Thigh marinated cooked in Tandoori oven then cooked with onion, tomatoes along with cream in spicy gravy sauce


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